Friday, December 7, 2012

The Count Down Has Started.....

39 weeks pregnant (and 5 days)....but who's counting! I am so done with this! 

  • I would like to wear real shoes again.
  • Pants without a "party" on the top...however maternity pants are very comfy
  • I would like to experience sexy time without feeling like Humpty Dumpty trying to ride a tricycle (yes, not cute)
  • I would like to have a meal without feeling like my insides were going to melt away.
  • Shower....ha! Perhaps being able to get in one without risking my life, that would be great.
  • Most of all I want to meet my little one!!
This entire 9 months has been an experience like no other. Knowing that you are growing a human that you will need to eventually take care of, is bewildering. Would I do it again?....In a second! (Just maybe not for another few years!)

I have been pretty lucky up until the last two weeks. When you are told that the end is the worst part of pregnancy, it is true. However, is it so bad that I would never do it again, absolutely NOT! Feeling your pubic bone separate every time you roll over in bed, not so fun. Needing a crane to lift your leg in order to get on a pair of underwear...super fun! But, it is not the end of the world either.

Our bags are packed and we have been ready to go for a few weeks now. Each day I add or remove an item just to make sure that what we bring will fit our needs. Its funny though, besides a going home outfit for my little bean, we really don't need anything at all. Yet, we have three..maybe plus bags. Pillows, electronics, snacks, would think we were going on a week long trip.

With the first baby I think you become way over prepared. When it comes down to though, being new parents...we have no clue what we are doing. Hopefully with love and the support of the people around us, we will figure it out. Raising a child takes a village...or so I have heard.

Our preparations have included -
  • a good deep clean of the house...thank you to my Mama :).
  • Washing of any fabric material that the baby will come in contact, bedding, etc.
  • Putting together the babies room...which really will not be of use for the first few months
  • Car seat, baby seat, bouncer seat...every seat you can think of
  • Reading every online article and baby book I can get my hands on
  • Designing my birth plan, which will probably be tossed because who can REALLY plan these things?
  • Weekly visits to the Doctor..those are super fun! *insert sarcasm here*
  • Trying to get in as much sleep as possible...cause it could be my last for a LONG TIME
I feel ready though. At least as much as I can be. I am new to this so my expectations are only that I am excited to see if Baby W is a "y" or an "x". Other than that, I am going to have to adapt to this little thing as much as it will have to adapt to being outside of my protected womb.

So at only 1 and a half days until my due (12/9/12) and two weeks of being dilated at only 2cm, I sit here and type...waiting. If my nugget decides that mommies insides seem like a way better location, we are posting an eviction notice and Dr. Roy will be going in on Tuesday night. This makes me laugh, because after wanting a natural child birth, I was the one who said 12/12/12 would be an awesome date to big mouth!

However, Baby W enters the world (*clears throat* vaginal-natural birth, nice and quick, no drugs-thanks),  as long as he/she and myself are healthy and safe, that is all I can ask for. I am lucky to have three of the most amazing people in the delivery room with me. My love, Craig, and father of my baby (yes, baby daddy), my mother who I owe my very own life to, and my sister, who is my very best friend (it doesn't suck that she is a nurse too so she will have the inside scoop at all times).

So here we are counting down and waiting. Will I go into labor before Tuesday? I would like to hope so. Either way, there are very few days left until my entire life changes. But I must say... I am ready to be a Mom.

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